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Auckland, New Zealand


Satchmo Investments Ltd


Co Owner



Kia Ora from New Zealand, my husband and I own a food manufacturing business in Christchurch delivering tasty bites to supermarket deli’s, cafes and takeaway bars.

We bought a lemon of a business but over the last 7 years have managed to turn it around to be successful.  We are launching into a growth phase now and hope to double its size and expand outside of our local area.

As well as helping with our business I contract part time to a Pounamu (jade) and Gold Jeweler  helping in the administrative side of his business.  So basically I surround myself each day with wonderful healing stones and good food.

And… I am currently studying for my coaching certificate through Robbins Madanes Training.  A coach training course based on Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes strategies.

I love to spend time outdoors in the wilderness and hanging with our 3 teenagers.  I am probably unique in saying that I love teenagers, they are incredible, funny, smart, grumpy and sooo opinionated and that is what makes them so much fun to be around.